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Yuba Superior Court: New Mailroom Protocol (Fentanyl)

On January 30, 2024, UPE met and conferred with representatives of the Yuba Superior Court regarding new mail handling procedures.  The recent discovery of Fentanyl while opening mail at the Yuba County Elections Office sparked the change in procedure.  However, subsequent testing shows that the envelope did not contain Fentanyl.  Additionally, the Court was supplied with better information about the dangers of Fentanyl exposure. 

As a result, the Court modified its original procedures and made them suggested and not mandatory.  Now, employees will open mail in teams of two.  The Court will supply gloves, face masks, shields, and goggles for members to wear if they wish, while opening mail.   Finally, supplies of Narcan will be available in the mailroom and the hallway on the 3rd floor outside the clerk’s office.  Narcan is a special drug that can reverse the effects of a Fentanyl overdose.  UPE ensured that members are not responsible for administering Narcan under any circumstances.  If members have questions or concerns, please contact UPE. 

UPE thanks Tammy Anderson, Maria Hicks, and Lisa Holiman for their participation and representation.




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