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Creative Working

Our Story

Local government employees are the heart of their community. They are the front-line in the fight to build strong, healthy, and prosperous communities. In Sacramento County, UPE members work in the jails and court houses, and airport security. They protect the abused, disabled, and elderly. They work in every department including the Sheriff's, District Attorney, Assessors and Probation. UPE members deliver "meals on wheels" to seniors, work in crime labs, transcribe trials and a myriad of other necessary jobs to make the County run efficiently and serve the citizens of Sacramento.

Too often, the public does not fully understand and support the critical work done by their neighbors who work for the county and the courts, leaving our members to fight for fair salaries, affordable healthcare and decent, safe working conditions. That is why Sacramento County employees formed UPE, a strong, member-run, independent Labor Union that would fight for them and their families.

Governing Boards


Regular Meeting Times:
First Wednesday - bi-monthly,
6:00 pm at UPE.
Sylvia Garcia - Chair
James Ostrowski - Vice Chair
Edgar Brown - Secretary
Jennifer Avalo - Treasurer
Monica Stephens
June Morris
Yolanda Augustine
Daniel De Los Reyes
Ryan McClain
Jorge Caraveo


Regular Meeting Times:
Second Tuesday - bi-monthly,
6:00 pm at UPE.
Stephanie McCall - Chair
Sarah Singleton - Vice Chair
Nichole Gorman - Secretary
Chris Jenkins - Treasurer
James Starr
Priscilla Cochran-Navarra
Eric Booker
Patrick Hunter
Robert Shorter
Deanna Green
Olivia Brown


Regular Meeting Times:
Second Thursday - bi-monthly,
5:30 pm at UPE.
Shawn Boxer - Chair
Nancy Wallace - Vice Chair
Suzette Cade - Secretary
Tammi Boxer - Treasurer
Christina Arcuri
Lizette Sweezer Morris
Alison Saltonstall
Liz Teklinsky

Julie Valdivia
Andrea Howard
Paul McGee


Regular Meeting Times:
Second Tuesday - bi-monthly, 12:00 pm at FRC.
Leava Ong
James Reed
Joey Campbell


Regular Meeting Times:
Second Tuesday - bi-monthly, 12:00 pm in Merced.
Mayra Ybarra - Chair
Monica Lerma
Lisa Sykes
Stephanie Bryant


Regular Meeting Times:
First Thursday - bi-monthly,
12:00 pm in Sutter.
Jennifer Lambert - Chair
Warren Simpson - Vice Chair
Shara Hunter - Secretary


Tammy Anderson - Chair
Lisa Holliman - Vice Chair
Carmen Rodriguez - Secretary
Maria Hicks
Erica Linehan


Cindy Billalon - Chair
Shannon Alexander - Vice Chair
Business Meeting

Board of Directors

The UPE Board of Directors creates the policies, procedures and rules governing the operations of the Union. The Board of Directors further promotes the Union and its programs, serves as the Union's elections committee, political action committee, and governs members' disciplinary appeals. In the true spirit of a member-run union, UPE union members make up the Board of Directors. The UPE Directors are dedicated to keeping UPE a truly independent union by focusing on local issues and high-quality representation of our members.

United Public Employees represents five Governing Boards. The leaders of these Governing Boards are UPE members and are elected to three-year terms. Each Governing Board then elects representatives to serve on the UPE Board of Directors. To learn more about getting involved talk to a Board Member, Business Agent, or visit the 'Get Involved' section of our website.

Regular Meeting Times:

Fourth Tuesday of each month, 6:00 pm at UPE.


James Starr - Chair
Monica Stephens - Vice Chair
Paul McGee - Treasurer

Stephanie McCall - Secretary
Yolanda Augustine
Jennifer Avalo

Shawn Boxer
Jennifer Lambert

Robert Shorter


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