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Donating Food to Charity

Giving makes us happy

UPE is strongly committed to giving back to the communities we represent. The UPE Board of Directors authorizes all contributions made by UPE. Because UPE is not an international union, UPE will send no monies outside of our represented areas, and donating instead to causes locally. UPE Political contributions will be made to better the members we represent, regardless of party lines. UPE recognizes the importance of community service, participating in events such as the MLK March and Cesar Chavez Day of Service. Additionally, UPE is proud to award four annual Scholarships to union members' families for college. Revisit this site to learn more about upcoming Give Back opportunities because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.


The UPE Board of Directors is proud to announce the 7th annual United Public Employees Scholarship program winners.  Open to the families of UPE members. The program offers four $1500 scholarships to help with college expenses. 

The scholarships are part of the Union’s endeavor to give back to our members.   UPE is committed to investing in our membership whether it is in the form of representation, negotiations, or member appreciation programs such as these scholarships. 

2023 Scholarship Recipients:

Leah Larkin

Latonia Inez Faye LeBlue

May Tang

Jocelyn Vang

Walking in Nature

Happiness is found in giving

Donate some of your extra vacation time to someone in need

Thank you for your kindness. Sharing your time with someone in need is a great gift of happiness. Your happiness will come from giving and their happiness will come from receiving. Download the forms, fill them out email them to and experience the happiness.

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