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DHA: CalSAWS Implementation

December 13, 2023-

Greetings, Union sisters and brothers.  Your 005/008 CalSAWS bargaining team has heard your urgent concerns about the Department’s deeply flawed CalSAWS implementation, which has resulted in massive failures in service to the neediest members of the public.

Department management was scheduled to meet with your team on December 11, 2023, to hear our members’ concerns and proposals to mitigate and improve working conditions, but we have now learned they canceled the meeting, displaying a complete disregard for their employees and for the general public whom we serve.  They notified us they are unavailable until January 10, 2024, which is an inexcusable delay.  Your team contacted Mr. Ethan Dye to express your urgent concern and to get a sooner date.

Stay tuned!

UPE would like to thank governing board members Daniel De Los Reyes, Jennifer Avalo, Monica Stephens, James Starr, Stephanie McCall, and Chris Jenkins for their participation and advocacy.




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