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Court Professional: Lead Positions

On January 9, 2024, UPE and Sacramento Superior Court concluded their meet and confer over the creation of lead positions for both the Child Custody Recommending Counselor (CCRC) and the Probate Investigator Classifications.  Each position will receive a 5% pay differential and a reduction in their normal workload as part of the position.  Lead Probate Investigators will receive 30 hours of work assigned weekly, and Lead CCRCs will receive 13 cases every two weeks.  Leads will continue with their same schedules and office expectations.  Leads will not be required to be in the office any more than non-leads. 

Leads will be responsible for assisting with training (though PIs and CCRCs will also continue to train), writing procedures, assisting staff with questions, assisting with clients, liaising with other outside agencies, and generally serving as a resource for their colleagues.  There will be no change to the scheduling procedures; members will still report absences to their managers, and managers will still handle all leave approval.  Leads will provide feedback on how new workers are progressing with training and assist members with struggles.  However, leads will not be responsible for evaluating or disciplining CCRCs or PIs. 

UPE thanks Leava Ong, Robin Pearl, and Lindsay Wainscott for participating in these meetings. 




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