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Court Office-Technical - Bargaining Update

On June 7, 2024, your UPE Court Office Technical Negotiations team resumed bargaining with Sacramento Superior Court. The Court updated your UPE Negotiations team with information about the State and Court’s budgets. The Court believes that the current state budget situation will result in a negative impact on the Court’s budget. However, the state budget has not been finalized, and the Court does not have a clear indication of how much money the Judicial Council will allocate to Sacramento Court. The Court hopes for more clarity by the end of June.

UPE passed three additional economic proposals designed to help recruit and retain Court employees. The Court did not respond to any of UPE’s proposals or offer any new proposals of their own. They did indicate that they are working on responses and counters to UPE’s proposals. The two sides are scheduled to meet again on June 21, 2024. Please continue to wear RED on Fridays to support your bargaining team!




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