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Child Development Specialist Class Study Update

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

On October 11, 2022, UPE and the County met to continue discussions regarding the Child Development Specialist Class Study. As you may recall, UPE raised several concerns in our previous meeting regarding the proposed changes. The concerns included: the additional duties added, the fact that the specs did not accurately reflect the duties and distinction of CDS at DHA and DCFAS, and the minimum qualifications outlined for the CDS II. The County heard our concerns and agreed to modify the minimum qualifications for the CDS II. This change is significant as it will open up promotional opportunities for the current CDS I by modifying the education requirement. The County also agreed to remove the training duty from the CDS I specs and maintain that duty within the CDS II specs. While there certainly was movement in the right direction, UPE continues to have concerns with the specs not accurately reflecting the work and working conditions for CDS’, specifically working in DCFAS at CPSU.

UPE and the County will meet again in the coming weeks to continue discussions on this matter.

Thank you, Sarah Singleton, Brenda Hegney, and Angel McMurray, for your continued advocacy on this matter.


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