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BHS: APSS Clinic Call-in Procedure

On May 16, 2023, UPE met with the County regarding changes in the above procedure.

UPE requested that employees only be required to call their immediate Supervisor regarding being absent and/or tardy and that the Supervisor disseminate that information to staff. The Department stated that the reason for calling the front desk is just in case patients need to be rescheduled. UPE reminded the Department that clerical staff does not see patients and, therefore, that does not pertain to them. Since the Department was not agreeable to this, UPE then asked that there be an absence line with those messages being retrieved by an SOA (Sr. Office Assistant). The Department agreed that an SOA should retrieve those messages. The Department also proposed that those who do not call and say they will be tardy would be unable to use their leave balances and would be marked AWOL. UPE reminded the Department that emergencies do arise and that sometimes we cannot get to our phones. If the employee shows up to work late without calling, that employee should be allowed to use their leave balances; however, the time would be considered unscheduled. The Department said they would make some changes to the policy and get back to us.

Thank you to the participants for your advocacy

Stella Byrd and Jennifer Avalo


FLYER - APSS Clinic Call-in Procedure
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