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On June 10, 2022, UPE and DHA continued to meet over the Department’s decision to install web cameras on all employees’ desks. UPE is very concerned about the potential for the Department to use the cameras to further monitor our member’s actions at work. The Department repeated it is their intent to only use the web cameras for trainings and meetings. The Department further stated they will not be monitoring webcams at any other time and that the cameras and microphones will only be active when employees are participating in trainings or meetings. UPE remains doubtful of these claims.

UPE expressed to the Department that there is a complete lack of trust between employees and management. Put bluntly, UPE and its members do not believe the County when they say they will not be using the cameras to monitor employees. The County’s continued implementation of software and systems that allow them to monitor and control employees shows their true intentions. Why would UPE and its members think the cameras are any different?

Despite the Department’s statements at the table, UPE made clear we need further assurance that our members will not be monitored without their knowledge. Therefore, UPE proposed that a representative from D-Tech meet with UPE in person to demonstrate that the cameras are not being used without the member’s knowledge. Further, UPE plans to question D-Tech about the ways our members can alter their computer and webcam settings to ensure they are not being used against them. UPE will update membership after this meeting. At this time, the Department should not require employees to use their desk cameras.


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