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UPE Solidifies a New Contract at El Dorado Superior Court!

Members unanimously ratified the Tentative Agreement. As a result, there is a new contract in place! We were able to win big on the benefits package: Healthcare, Vision, and Dental.Three (3) of Four (4) employee health care plans including dental and vision will be 100% covered, which includes Employee, Employee +1, and Employee + Family. The Forth Plan amounts to approximately a 90/10 split. 90% is covered by the employer and 10% by the employee.

Furthermore, UPE was able to negotiate two one-time payments of $1,125.00. On the third year, a 3% salary increase, if certain budget triggers are met, if not, a onetime payment of $500.00. Lastly, we were able to add, stronger representation language and an increase of bereavement days.

First and foremost, UPE would like to thank every member who casted their vote. We would also like to acknowledge the three bargaining unit members- Cindy Billalon, Shannon Alexander, and Trish Davy, who assisted in negotiating a fair and reasonable contract. Thank you very much! We look forward to 2021 and beyond.

Happy New Year!



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