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Sutter Court Bargaining Update

UPE’s Bargaining Team met with representatives from the Court on August 27, 2020 for the first contract negotiations session. UPE presented two non-economic proposals to the Court. The Court did not have any proposals for UPE at this time. The two sides agreed to meet again September 10th and September 24th. The Court agreed to make a budget presentation to UPE by the meeting on the 24th. UPE expressed the importance of getting the budget information as soon as possible in order to help move negotiations forward. The Court agreed to send their proposed budget to UPE as soon as it was ready. They also agreed that the two sides could meet before the 24th if the budget is available. UPE will continue to make non-economic proposals until it receives the Court’s budget information.

Sutter Governing Board: Jennifer Lambert; Shara Hunter; Melanie Ward; Lisa McKenzie


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