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Sheriff's Department: Cell Phone Ban Coming to Main Jail

On September 26, 2023, UPE met with the Sheriff’s Department to discuss their intent to prohibit personal cell phones within the secured area of the jail facilities. The Department shared that due to recent events within the jail, the Department will be making some changes to ensure the safety of staff, inmates, and the facility. This specific change will also align Sacramento County with other correctional facilities within the state, which currently ban cell phones within secured areas of the facility.

UPE understood the Department’s position; however, we had significant concerns about safety and communication related to our members. In the event of a family emergency, facility lockdown, or natural disaster, our members would be in an unsafe and vulnerable position if other measures were not in place. This would include, but not limited to, emergency evacuation plans, training, and other means to communicate with family and/or other personnel.

The Department assured us they would make the necessary adjustments to ensure our concerns are heard, and our members are safe and accounted for before full implementation.

Thank you to our member, Kelly Neuvert, and governing board members Yolanda Augustine, Stephanie McCall, Nicole Gorman, and Jennifer Avalo, for participating in this matter.



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