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Sac Sewer Separation from Sacramento County Update

On May 3, 2024, UPE met with the County of Sacramento and the Sacramento Area Sewer District about Sac Sewer’s upcoming separation from the County of Sacramento. During this meeting, we met and conferred over the addendum to the current Office-Technical MOU dealing with layoff language, the offer letter that District employees will receive if they choose to stay with the district, as well as the resignation letter that will go to the County. We also discussed the handling of leave balances and how they will be transferred for employees who choose to stay with the district. In addition to leave balances, employees’ personnel files will also be transferred to the district.

With a transition like this, UPE understands how important it is to continue to ensure that our members’ rights are in place when the time comes to decide whether to stay with the County or Sac Sewer. For those contemplating not staying with Sac Sewer, rest assured that UPE will be working with the County of Sacramento to try to place folks in the vacant positions that the County currently has.



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