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Public Defender Reorganization

UPE met and conferred with Sacramento County on June 13, 2024, regarding the plan to reorganize clerical workers at the Public Defender’s Office.  Currently, most clerical support operates out of a pool and handles support for various units and cases.  Under the new plan, clerical staff will be assigned to specific units with specific duties and/or case types.  The organization more closely mirrors the alignment of attorneys and how work, in general, is structured at the Public Defender’s Office. 

UPE questioned whether the new plan would result in anyone changing work locations.  The County stated that some staff may shift between 700 H St. and 711 G St. (both near each other downtown), but additional staff would not be relocated to Juvenile.  Members will also be rotated between the different units.  However, members will have opportunities to permanently move to a different unit as opportunities arise.  The Public Defender’s Office will make initial unit selections based on members’ current assignments, knowledge, and input from members.  New clerical workers will continue to first be assigned to the front counter.  The Public Defender’s Office indicated that the reorganization may allow the Department to offer RDO schedules, but this has yet to be determined.  This would not be something staff are required to do.  The changes will start to take effect in July.  The parties agreed to a follow-up meeting three months after implementation to review how the reorganization is working and address any potential concerns members have with the changes. 

If members have questions or concerns at this time, please get in touch with UPE Business Agent Seth Alexander at or 916-736-9503.




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