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Primary Care Closure

On Friday, January 21st, 2022, UPE met with representatives from DHA to discuss the relocation of staff who work for DHA in the Primary Care building at 4600 Broadway. This move will impact our members in the 005 and 008 units who have already been moved once before.

UPE asked representatives to consider extending the move date to the middle of April, so staff has time to prepare for the move and make necessary arrangements. DHA agreed to extend the date to April 11th. UPE also made the following requests: All current schedules time off requests be honored, and all ergo equipment and ADA requests are honored. DHA, but follow-up will be needed regarding some ADA requests and schedules for our members transferring to the Watt Avenue bureau.

UPE will meet with DHA representatives again on February 18th. Stay tuned for more details.

Thank you to our Board Members for their continued advocacy: Jennifer Avalo (005), Monica Stephens (005), Dawn Richardson (005), James Starr (008), James Kent-Basham(008), Dan Herrera (008)


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