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Miscellaneous Leave Policy Update

On April 24, 2024, UPE and representatives from Sacramento County DPS met and conferred over proposed changes to the County’s Miscellaneous Leave Policy. This policy includes rules governing general leaves, medical leaves, leaves without pay, and more specialized leave types such as military spouse leave, reproductive loss leave, school activities, and victims of crime leave to name a few. The changes to the policy were prompted by a number of changes in law affecting these leaves and adding new leaves like reproductive loss and bereavement.


UPE questioned the County to ensure that the changes did not take away anything offered under the current policy, such as the ability to use all leave types while on medical leave before using leave without pay. The County agreed to reword the text to make this clear. In addition, UPE noticed that the sections on leave for Victims of Crime contained out-of-date language and did not cover as many situations as allowed by law. Thanks to UPE’s efforts, these sections will be updated to reflect the law and afford members all the leaves to which they are legally entitled.


UPE thanks Board Members Sylvia Garcia, James Starr, Nichole Gorman, Deanna Green, and Stephanie McCall for representing our members during this meeting.



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