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DHS: California Children's Services Time Off Policy

On June 18, 2024, UPE met with the County to discuss additions to the time off policy. The department added a section specifically to address what Micron staff should do if they are “running late.” The department also attempted to add language surrounding telework.

UPE informed the department that, aside from the policy being poorly written, it was unnecessary to add a new subsection under section C, Unscheduled Time Off, to the policy of what an employee is to do when they are running late to work. We suggested that the department remove the subsection altogether and reword the section to read “Sick/Running Late” since the directions on what to do are the same: call the absence line. CCS was not agreeable to this, and we negotiated to keep one sentence of the added subsection, “Staff is expected to call the absence line to inform program supervisors of the reason for tardiness or absence.”

We moved on to the next change, where the department added a sentence in section D.2., Scheduled Work Hours, stating that telework days are approved based on business needs and employees’ performances. We asked that the department remove this sentence since not only is this information stated in the department’s responsibilities and expectations when working remotely, it is also stated in the department’s telework framework, and the County’s policy number 870. Again, CCS was not agreeable to this, and we negotiated with them, to replace the sentence with “see telework policy.”

UPE thanks Governing Board member, Sylvia Garcia, for her advocacy and participation in this meeting.



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