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DHA: Telework "Pause"

Hello union friends! Your 008/005 Bargaining Team met with the Department regarding the temporary telework “pause” due to the CalSAWS migration. As reported recently, all teleworkers with Cradle Point access are being pulled back into the office from September 27, 2023, through October 27, 2023. This pause is to ensure that staff members have the adequate in-person support they may need during the initial launch of CalSAWS.

The Department is committed to allowing our members to re-deploy on or about December 4th, 2023, barring any serious deficiencies in CalSAWS understanding and the need for additional training and in-person support. The intent is that all rotation teleworkers in both CalWORKs and CalFresh/Medi-Cal/GA will be back at home starting in early December as D-Tech resources permit and as quickly as possible.

The Department could not answer questions regarding the potential expansion of telework with Amazon Connect capabilities; however, UPE requested consideration in the near future and to have additional meetings to discuss that issue. Please reach out to your UPE board members, Stewards, or UPE business agents if you experience any issues regarding returning to telework after the launch.

Thank you to board members Nichole Gorman, Chris Jenkins, and Stephanie McCall for their participation in today’s negotiations!



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