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DHA: CalWORKs Service Center

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

December 11, 2023-

Your 008 / 005 bargaining team met with DHA management regarding the failure of the CalWORKs Intake Service Center.  Thanks to your overwhelming responses from the open lobby brown bags conducted – the department agreed to continued discussion in hopes of improving the current processes.

The department agreed to UPE’s proposal to collaborate on a survey that will be sent out to our membership.

It’s imperative that all members participate and respond to this survey to accurately portray our members’ experiences under the current model.  UPE will continue to keep you updated as discussions progress.

UPE would like to thank governing board members Stephanie McCall, Nichole Gorman, Patrick Hunter, Monica Stephens, Jennifer Avalo, Daniel De Los Reyes and stewards Brenda Rhea & Michelle Moyer for their participation and advocacy.



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