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DHA: CalSAWS Meet & Confer Update

Greetings, Union Brothers and Sisters! Your 005/008 bargaining teams met with the Department today to discuss the impact of the CalSAWS implementation. We brought a long list of issues to discuss, and to no surprise, limited responses were provided. For many of the issues, the Department responded, “We are working on it.”

UPE also addressed the upcoming workload increase. Although UPE urged the Department not to increase the RRR and Intakes next week, the Department did not listen. They advised us they are moving forward with the increase despite all the issues and concerns we raised. This is a huge mistake, and we all know that this will likely cause more of a workload issue when people start going home in droves due to stress over being unable to complete their job’s essential functions.

Moving forward, we would encourage you all just to do what you can and remember to take your breaks and lunches. If issues arise, be sure to submit a help desk ticket.

Lastly, if you receive any pushback, please get in touch with your Business Agent or Steward.

Special thanks to your 005/008 governing board bargaining members for participating in this meet and confer: Jennifer Avalo, James Starr, Nichole Gorman, Patrick Hunter, Christopher Jenkins, and Stephanie McCall.



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