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DHA: CalSAWS Meet & Confer Update

Union brothers and sisters, as you know, the Department plans to pause all telework rotation due to the transition of CalSAWS and the onsite support that will be available. Initially the Department planned to allow the VPN teleworkers to resume their schedule after one full week in the office. However, after further discussions, they changed their position requiring all VPN and CradlePoint teleworkers to report to their home offices until December 4, 2023. ADA workers on telework will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. UPE will continue to address all CalSAWS related issues in the coming weeks and months. We will keep you posted as updates occur.

Special thanks to your 005/008 governing board bargaining members for their continued advocacy: Jennifer Avalo, Monica Stephens, Daniel De Los Reyes, James Starr, Nichole Gorman, Patrick Hunter, Christopher Jenkins, and Stephanie McCall.



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