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DHA: CalSAWS Meet & Confer Update

Greetings, Union Brothers and Sisters! Your 008/005 bargaining teams met with the Department today to continue our negotiations regarding the implementation of CalSAWS. The Department claims that CalSAWS in-person training is going great and that our members are happy and feel prepared to do their jobs. We strongly disagreed and told them that the training was completely insufficient for such a large undertaking as CalSAWS.

We confronted them for the complete lack of training that our GA staff have not had to date, and they had almost no response other than to tell us they would “look into it.” This is typical of the Department’s indifference to ensuring you are well-equipped and prepared to do your job to the best of your ability. While frustrating, it is certainly what we have come to expect from them. There are also several critical functionality features that are not and will not even be ready for Foster Care eligibility and GATE staff when we go live in just three (3) weeks. The Department had no reaction to our concerns about how members of those units would operate and be successful without basic capabilities in the system to serve their customers. We were given crucial requested information, a “Go-Live” reference guide, at the last minute and no time to review or ask questions about it.

To add insult to injury, the Department also refused to schedule any more dates to meet and confer over this information before the “Go-Live” date. This fight is not over, and we will continue to pressure the Department to do what is right and meet with your team and give us a fair opportunity to mitigate this poorly executed migration at the expense of our members. As always, we will provide as much information to you as soon as possible, every chance the County gives us to meet over this high-priority issue.

Remember, together we are strong!

Special thanks to your 005/008 governing board bargaining members for participating in this meet and confer: Jennifer Avalo, Monica Stephens, Daniel De Los Reyes, James Starr, Nichole Gorman, Patrick Hunter, Christopher Jenkins, and Stephanie McCall.



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