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DHA: CalSAWS Meet & Confer Update

Greetings, union sisters and brothers. Your UPE 005/008 CalSAWS bargaining team met with management again on September 22, 2023, regarding the impacts of CalSAWS on working conditions for members. Once again, it was clear that DHA management is both unready and evasive. Your team has been asking them for months for information on program/process changes caused by CalSAWS.

We are already aware of what our members are being told in instructor-led training, but again, management didn’t want to admit there are problems. Your team warned DHA management that if they don’t come clean, UPE will be seeking charges against the County from the Public Employment Relations Board. In a disappointing and immature display of temper from management, they withdrew a proposal to pay 35 005/008 CalSAWS champions to provide training support when we asked how their regular workloads will be covered while they are in a training role. This is typical of DHA management: temper tantrums instead of explanations. This doesn’t bode well for CalSAWS implementation.

Your team has additional meetings scheduled with management, and we will continue to fight against adverse CalSAWS impacts to keep you updated with information as we get it.

Stay tuned!

Thank you to the 005/008 Governing Board members for their participation,

Nichole Gorman, Stephanie McCall, Patrick Hunter, Monica Stephens, James Starr, Jennifer Avalo, Chris Jenkins




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