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DCFAS Telework Policy Update

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Finally, after months of discussions, DCFAS has finalized the Department Telework Policy. The new policy will apply to all 005 and 008 classifications. This is a huge win for our members as previously (pre-pandemic) telework was primarily only available to Social Workers. The new policy will come with a telework agreement and telework application. The telework application will be used only to assess the suitability of telework for a particular job. Not all jobs are suitable for telework. The application is not a performance evaluation, will not be stored in the personnel file, and should only be used as a tool to assist in assessing the work, not the employee. UPE had some concerns about the intent of the form, but the Department assured UPE the form is being used to ensure a consistent assessment across the Department.

Our members will be able to apply for telework through a web-based system that will automate the forms, approvals, and reminders. The database is expected to go live sometime between October 15, 2021-November 1, 2021, absent any technical issues. The goal is for workers to transition from remote work to telework. Workers will be allowed to request up to 3 days of telework. Telework schedules may vary based on coverage, duties, program needs, performance concerns, etc. However, supervisors are expected to provide clear communication regarding any recommended adjustments to the workers' telework requests. If issues arise, workers are encouraged to elevate to management. UPE and the Department agreed to meet again in 6 months to discuss any issues.

Thank you, Sarah Singleton, Paula Brown, Kristina West, Eric Booker, Deanna Green, Amber Wood, Yesenia Limon, for their continued advocacy on this matter.


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