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DCFAS: Reinstating 9/80s in APS

On May 13, 2024, UPE met with the County regarding reinstating 9/80s in APS. It has been ten (10) years since any 9/80 schedules were offered in APS!

UPE started the meeting by asking the County to walk us through what the process would look like. The department stated that managers would reach out to staff for requests with a deadline for staff to respond. Once requests have been received, the first determining factor would be seniority, followed by attendance and work performance. The department stated that while they are open to approving a 9/80 schedule, it would be for investigators only, not intake. They blamed this on a lack of consistent work to sustain a nine-hour day. The department also did not know if this would be offered to the staff in the 005 Office-Technical bargaining unit.

Our team was outraged that the 9/80 schedule would only be offered to the investigators and not intake, to which the department asked if UPE then did not want them to offer it at all. UPE told them it should be offered fairly across the division. We brought up the fact that not only do the intake units take calls, but they also receive faxes and online reports. Intake makes outbound calls as well. UPE told the department to go back and look to ensure that there is not enough consistent work in the intake units to sustain a nine-hour workday. We also pointed out that this has the possibility to create a hostile environment between co-workers. The department said they would go back and look.

If you are in the intake unit, please let your managers know that you have enough consistent work to sustain a nine-hour workday. Please provide this information to either Deanna Green (008 Governing Board member) or UPE Business Agent Tezra Sledge (

Thank you to the advocates for their participation,

Deanna Green, Paige Jones, and Vilailuk Her


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