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Countywide Data Classification / IT Acceptable Use Policy

 UPE met and conferred with Sacramento County on November 9, 2023, regarding changes to the county-wide Data Classification and IT Acceptable Use Policies.  These policy changes did not entail changes to expectations or additional prohibitions for members.  Instead, the Data Classification procedure was updated to include new data classification features found in Microsoft 365.  The IT Acceptable Use policy was updated to have more clarity and provide greater detail and examples of prohibited activities. 

UPE objected to the removal of language from the Acceptable Use policy that explicitly stated union emails were acceptable use.  The County agreed to include this language in the final policy.  UPE also asked for additional examples relating to adding outside network connections to the County network and using County equipment to run cryptocurrency mining software.  The County agreed to make these additions. 

Members will need to sign the new Acceptable Use policy, which will be distributed in February 2024.   If members have questions or concerns, please reach out and contact UPE. 

UPE thanks Robert Shorter, Ryan McClain, Stephanie McCall, Jennifer Avalo, Sarah Singleton, and Monica Stephens for their participation in this meeting.




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