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County Travel Guidelines

On April 24, 2023, UPE met with the County finance department to discuss changes to the current travel guidelines. These changes represent minor corrections that will bring the guidelines to current times covering telework and changes to lodging while traveling.

Telework is being added as an “authorized work location,” and the physical work location of County departments is being named the “official work location.” These additions will provide changes to how you will be reimbursed for time spent going from location to location during your work day. Workers will not get travel time from the telework location to the official work location as that will be considered their normal commute, and any travel that occurs during the workday will have the normal commute mileage subtracted from any mileage reimbursement requests.

Other changes would include the removal of the “travel p-card” from the guidelines, as there are currently no County employees who have one. The use of Uber, and Airbnb for transportation and lodging, along with new language to reflect reimbursement for the charging of electric vehicles, has been added to the guidelines.

Those who travel as part of their duties and have questions can contact payment services at (916) 874-7411.

Thank you to Jennifer Avalo, Jim Ostrowski, Monica Stephens, Daniel De Los Reyes, Sylvia Garcia, Stephanie McCall, Erin Crocker, Chis Jenkins, Patrick Hunter, and Robert Shorter.


FLYER - County Travel Guidelines
Download PDF • 112KB


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