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APS Moves to GRP

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

On September 21, 2022, UPE met with DCFAS to discuss the relocation of Adult Protective Services (APS) from the OB3 location to the Granite Regional Park (GRP). The Department shared APS had outgrown the space at OB3, so the move was necessary. All APS Social Workers, FSW’s and Clerical will be relocated, as well as APS management. Intake and Clerical will have dedicated workspace selected via seniority. Social Workers and FSW’s will utilize the unassigned cubicle spaces. Any assigned ergonomic equipment will move with the worker, as well as any known accommodations. Free parking is available in the “pit” with shuttle services available from 6:45am-6pm. Workers will be provided an access code for the parking kiosk. UPE was concerned with the impact of the new parking arrangements and the time it may take to adjust to the new arrangements. Therefore, UPE proposed our members be held harmless for 30 days from any tardiness that may occur because of the new location. The Department rejected our 30 days but agreed to 14 days. The move is expected to take place September 28, 2022. Those not teleworking will be expected to report to the new location starting September 29, 2022.

Thank you, Paula Brown, Kristina West, and Sylvia Garcia, for their participation.


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