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Zoom Hearings

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

On Friday, June 12th, your Court Office Technical bargaining unit met with management regarding using ZOOM for remote hearings. After weeks of asking, UPE was provided with a generic policy that didn’t speak to the specifics of what would be taking place at each facility. From all indications, this will be very fluid with a likelihood of ongoing changes. Since you will be doing the work, we ask that you do your best to keep us informed of any changes. When you hear of a change, or are directed to change any process, please contact a board member, steward, or your business agent, so we can address it quickly.

The Court stressed that workers will not be held responsible for any technical or equipment malfunctions, and although they didn’t mention discipline, we asked for a “hold harmless” for a 90-day period, and the Court denied that proposal. If anyone is counseled or receives any type of adverse action, it will be very important to contact your business agent so that we can take action at the very beginning.

We understand that under the circumstances, job duties are evolving, but it is crucial that the Court notifies us of any changes to your duties so we can identify any impact to our members and do our best to mitigate it. When you notice a change in policy/procedure, please contact any of the following board members below:


Bonnie Loriga

Lizette Sweezer-Morris

Nancy Wallace


Suzette Cade


Tammy Boxer

Shawn Boxer

Lina Vasquez


Lisa Lunn


Paul McGee



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