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Unit 3: When to Contact UPE

As your exclusive bargaining representative, UPE’s job is to ensure our members’ rights aren’t being violated and assist in matters that may impact employment. This includes but is not limited to disciplinary actions such as pay reductions, suspension, and terminations. UPE also assists with reasonable accommodations and medical terminations.

If you receive a notice from your employer that may impact your employment, contact UPE immediately. UPE has the right to meet with the County to discuss and try to mitigate any changes to your employment prior to implementation—for example, a new dress code policy, new hours of operation, relocating, etc. There are timelines associated with notices from the employer, and for UPE to assist in a timely manner, we must discuss the matter as soon as possible. While each case is unique and will be assessed on its merits, one thing is true for all: we must have adequate time to review and prepare. So, contact your Business Agent or the UPE Office sooner rather than later.



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