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Social Worker Study Update

On October 19, 2021, UPE and the County met to discuss the County's progress as it relates to the Humans Services Social Worker Class Study. Early in the year, UPE and the County signed a side letter agreement in which the County agreed to conduct a study of the Human Services Social Worker, Master Degree (HSSW, MD) and Human Services Social Worker (HSSW) classes. As a result of the study, the County presented UPE an early draft version of the updated job specs for the two classifications.

The parties discussed the overall intent of the new specs and the next steps in the process. UPE had several questions regarding the placement of new recruits as well as current workers. The social worker classifications are used in a number of departments throughout the County so input from all departments is necessary in order to move forward.

The County will follow up with the appropriate departments for further input based on our discussions. we are scheduled to meet again in mid-December.


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