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Search Warrant Portal

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

On May 12, 2021, UPE met with court management on the implementation of a new “search warrant portal”. Although this portal will be used mostly by Law Enforcement in the Sacramento area, from time to time Deputy Clerks will be asked to search for an active warrant in the system. This will be a far less tedious job as Deputy Clerks will no longer have to “thumb” through thousands of names in order to find a case number that points them to a box.

For new warrants, all that needs to be done is to type in a name and in most cases, the work will be done for them. Starting May 14, 2021, Law Enforcement will begin using this portal to request warrants and have them signed electronically by the on-call judge.

We’d like to thank our participating board members; Shawn Boxer, Tammi Boxer, Suzette Cade, Nancy Wallace, and Lina Vasquez, your advocacy is much appreciated!



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