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Merced State of Emergency

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

As the inclement weather continues, Merced County Executives would like to inform all staff that they are with you and they understand. The County is willing to work with you regarding time off and flexing schedules so that those affected by the extreme weather can take the necessary time to care for their homes & families. During this difficult and uncertain time, please be sure to reach out to management to relay any difficulties or hardships you may be facing during the flooding and evacuation orders.

As many of you know, County Employees become Disaster Service Workers during such a catastrophe. Those asked to work the 7 pm-7 am shift are not required to come off the shift and go to their scheduled 8 am-5 pm shift. If overtime hours are being offered by your department, then it is voluntary to work after coming off your shift at the shelters. Please get in touch with management if there are scheduling issues.

UPE hopes that all of our members remain safe and dry during this extreme weather, and we extend our thanks to Merced County for their flexibility and proactiveness in keeping staff safe.



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