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Legal Transcription 71-J

UPE met with representatives from Sacramento County on April 17, 2024, to discuss the County’s plan to renew a contract with outside vendors for legal transcription services.  The County originally created the contract in 2018.  The service is currently used by the Departments of Probation, District Attorney, and Public Defender.  UPE questioned the County about what services are provided and why they cannot be provided by UPE staff.  The County was not able to provide a clear answer.  UPE requested a copy of the Scope of Work for each contract, and the County agreed to provide that information.  UPE also requested an explanation of how much the County used these services over the course of the previous contract.  Since the County did not come prepared to answer all of UPE’s questions, the parties agreed to meet again on May 7, 2024.  UPE will continue to question the County about why they are contracting out services that can be provided by UPE members.  Your job and your work are one of our top priorities!

UPE thanks 005 Board Members Sylvia Garcia and Jennifer Avalo for participating in the meeting.




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