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Extra Vacation Slot for Downtown Courtroom Clerks

As you may be aware, the Court recently announced that an additional auto-grant slot was added for Courtroom Clerks downtown. This brings the total to five clerks automatically granted off at one time. This is great news! However, UPE wants to make clear that this extra vacation slot did not come out of nowhere or from the goodness of the Court’s heart. Instead, it was the direct result of advocacy by UPE on behalf of downtown Courtroom Clerks. UPE has been discussing vacation issues with the Court since contract negotiations at the start of 2023.

That led to a series of meet-and-confers over the Court’s vacation policy and the number of courtroom clerks they allow off at any given time. It was these meetings and UPE’s continued insistence that the Court do more for our members that led to the increase. UPE will continue to advocate on behalf of courtroom clerks and all UPE members at Sacramento Superior Court.




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