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E-Court Implementation

April 27, 2023 - “Well, gosh, good luck.” Those are the words at the end of one section of the official training materials for the E-Court implementation in Civil. Clearly, someone’s attempt at humor, but it falls flat in the face of the Court’s bungled roll-out of the new Court Operating System. Originally, the Court intended to release the new system at the start of April. However, because of UPE’s insistence, they had to delay implementation by three weeks while they finished testing the system and training employees. UPE met with the Court three times regarding E-Court. At these meetings, it became clear that Court leadership was not familiar with the training materials being provided to staff.

Additionally, it was clear that the Court was scrambling to get training completed. To provide our members with some peace of mind, UPE negotiated a six-month hold harmless clause for unintentional errors made while workers are learning the new system. Our members should not be disciplined because the Court did not do a sufficient job with training. The Court also agreed to a follow-up meeting with UPE to address issues that come up after implementation.

If members are encountering issues with the new E-Court system, they are encouraged to reach out to their UPE steward, board member, or business agent Seth Alexander (


Flyer - E-Court 4.27.2023
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