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May 9, 2023 - UPE met with the Department of Human Assistance regarding the future implementation of CalSAWS. What is frustrating to our team is that the information we are receiving is being trickled out as the department receives it, making it very difficult to begin assessing the impact on our members.

As web training begins its rollout in June, we should have what we need to start the actual meet-and-confer process with the department so that these impacts can finally be identified and mitigated before the program's full implementation.

Because there are so many unknowns at this point, we have requested that the department go back and reach out to the other Counties that have started their rollouts to see what difficulties they may have had. Having this information will be crucial to know what we will be up against and give us a better opportunity to advocate the protection.

Stay tuned, as we will be sharing whatever information that we have going forward.


FLYER - CalSAWS 5.9.2023
Download PDF • 104KB


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