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DCSS: Time Off Policy Update

On November 20, 2023, UPE met with the DCSS management and labor relations regarding the above policy.

UPE wanted to meet regarding the proposed update to the time off policy to reflect management changes, modernizing language, and moving, combining, and reformatting the policy sections.

UPE compared the existing time off policy to the proposed updated policy. The proposed changes are minor; however, UPE asked additional clarifying questions to protect our members.

The main changes were:

  • Combining the vacation policy with the time off policy under a separate section.

  • Clarifying that makeup time must take place on the day it is taken and is contingent on supervisor approval.

  • Added language to define supervisor vs management responsibilities regarding vacation approval.

UPE asked for clarification on break time as an employee cannot lose their break time, but it can be forfeited. Staff are to check with their supervisor if they cannot take their break at the scheduled time. In addition, UPE asked for a time frame to be added to the notice of withdrawal for vacation approval. UPE and the department agreed on 30 days in advance.

Thank you, Sylvia Garcia UPE 005 Governing Board Chair, for your advocacy.




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