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DCSS: Account Clerk Reallocation to Office Specialist

UPE met with DCSS Management and Labor Relations to discuss the intent to reallocate the Account Clerk positions in the Financial Team as Office Specialists. Currently, the process of reviewing cases and making necessary updates requires detailed instructions from the case worker in order for the Account Clerk to make any changes to the case. An Office Specialist position would allow the Finance Team to make necessary updates on cases with less detailed instructions, as the Office Specialist training would allow the staff to have the capabilities and knowledge to do so.

UPE raised concerns brought forward by the Account Clerks regarding the job duties and how they relate to the case worker. The department reassured UPE that the Office Specialist position would not take on any case worker duties. The Office Specialist position would allow the workers to get paid more. The department assured UPE that at no point will the positions of the Account Clerks be removed. This change is voluntary. Any Account Clerk who wishes to remain in their current classification will not be forced into the Office Specialist position.

UPE requested to meet with the County on disbursement of the duties and workload if some choose to remain in the Account Clerk position and some choose to become Office Specialists. The County also agreed to a six-month hold harmless clause for those who become Office Specialists to ensure that our members are protected.

The department will request a response from the Account Clerks regarding their decision by January 5, 2023.

UPE would like to thank Sylvia Garcia, UPE 005 Governing Board Chair, for her advocacy and participation.



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