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DCFAS / CPS: Youth Transportation

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

On June 30, 2023, UPE met with CPS management regarding a one (1) year 71-J (contract) they would like to implement with Hop, Skip, Drive (HSD). HSD is a ride-share company that the department would like to utilize to cover school runs when there is no available Family Service Worker (FSW).

We asked the department how many school runs/visits have been missed, if this would stop the department from filling the vacant FSW positions and if those vacancies were filled would HSD still be necessary, if the department would still provide FSWs first opportunity (including overtime) prior to HSD being contacted, and what is included in the start-up cost.

The department stated there were no missed school runs, but Social Workers (SWs) had to cover approximately fifteen – sixteen (15-16) visits for an FSW. They also stated that this will not delay nor stop the department from filling the vacancies, of which there are thirteen (13). FSWs would have priority (including overtime opportunities for the first three (3) months) prior to utilizing HSD unless the ride is deemed an emergency. During these months, the department would keep data on how many times FSWs respond. Per the department, HSD would still be necessary even if all FSW positions were filled due to upcoming changes in the duties of the FSWs. The start-up costs are for HSD to set up shop in Sacramento since there is currently no location here. CPS would like to start the pilot program this summer.

There were more questions that UPE did not get to raise in the allotted time. We (the department and UPE) have agreed to reconvene on this matter.

Thank you to the board members and participants for your advocacy

Eric Booker, Priscilla Cochran-Navarra, Robert Shorter, Sarah Singleton, Jamie Purfor, and

Gayla Green-Saavedra

FLYER - Youth Transportation 6.30.23
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