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DCFAS/CPS: Youth Engagement Social Workers at the Welcoming Houses

On June 22, 2023, UPE continued the Meet and Confer with CPS management with emphasis on the duties of the Youth Engagement Social Workers (YESW).

Management stated their goal is to staff each house with two (2) YESWs and one (1) Child Development Specialist (CDS). YESW’s duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

Supporting with crisis management, engaging with youth awaiting/refusing placement, dispensing medication to youth, assisting with the inventory of youth’s belongings, working closely with potential placement, attempting to identify relatives/NREFM’s, identifying possible support service youth can be referred and encouraged to attend, attending CMFT/MDT placement staffing prior to PCR’s, transporting youth to placements, supporting caretaker during transition period, assisting with location of AWOL youth including CWS/CMS documentation protocol, AWOL warrants, and NCMEC database; runaway prevention, reviewing reproductive/sexual health rights information and providing resources, reviewing Foster Youth rights, and participating in TA CDSS calls.

UPE continues to be concerned that YESWs will perform CDS work and requested that a time study be done. When we requested a hold harmless clause be instituted during this period, the County responded with silence! We asked when UPE could expect the YESW Standards policy and procedure; the response was it has to be lifted to the Executive Leadership Team. When asked how often Family Service Workers (FSW) would be paid for performing CDS work, the County responded with daily.

The County agreed there would be a laptop at each house for CDS use and a contact list with the telephone number of each house, as well as the dedicated Sheriff Security Officers (SSO), posted in each house in the staff office/work space; youth may use landline phones. Per management, staff will have secure locations for personal belongings in each house. When it was brought to the forefront that one (1) location has no designated space for staff to retreat from an aggressive youth, there was no response. Cleaning duties are to be performed by a hired service two to three (2/3) times weekly; bedding will be laundered by an outside service as well. UPE requested clarification of the period of time.

UPE and the County will reconvene in thirty (30) days.


Thank you to the participants for your advocacy

Sarah Craven, Priscilla Cochran-Navarra, Deanna Green, Jeannine Lopez, and Sarah Singleton


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