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DCFAS/CPS: Welcome Homes 90-Day Check-In

On September 19, 2023, UPE continued to meet and confer with the County regarding the above. We asked about the action items the County was supposed to work on since last we met: the lack of supplies and groceries, and SSD partners being reachable and responsive.

The County stated they will no longer have supervisors responsible for ordering supplies. We brought up the issues surrounding the training of job duties and relayed to the department that there is still a lot of confusion about which job class performs which duties. The department stated they are working to streamline the training with the new hires. Also, along the lines of work, we brought up the problem of our members being unable to work overtime within their bargaining unit prior to any other classification, including supervisors. The department stated they would look into this, but their understanding is the same as ours.

Next, we got into the safety issues of the SSDs not answering the phone when staff calls and with them no longer being available 24/7, as was previously discussed. We were told that they are still available; now, staff needs to call dispatch, and they are not to call the deputies directly. As our members already know, the purpose of having Lyon as security is pointless, as they cannot do anything except watch things as they unfold.

Lastly, we inquired how the County plans to get out of the business of housing youth. The County says they are in talks with various partners and looking at various properties to house the youth.

We will meet again in thirty (30) days.

Thank you to the 008 Governing Board members for their participation,

Deanna Green, Robert Shorter, and Sarah Singleton



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