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DCFAS/CPS: Completing CS 1172 & 1173 Forms for Placement

On January 03, 2024, UPE met with the County regarding the new Completion of 1172 and 1173 for Placement Change Policy and Procedure. 


The new policy and procedure—previously titled Documentation of Initial Placements, Placement Changes, and Payment Requests was described as “additional instruction,” as the new policy is 5 pages longer—and much more confusing--than the policy created in 2021. The County stated there were no changes to current duty, however, the new policy codifies that 1172 forms are to be filled out and entered within 2 calendar days of placement, which is not noted in the 2021 policy. UPE suggested ways of alleviating this burden, as workers are inundated with multiple tasks at once or may have the next 2 days off work. The County stated they would “ask the program manager” but refused to discuss adding alternative language to the new policy. The new policy does state that the Social Worker Supervisor would ultimately be responsible for making sure the 1172 was turned in within the 2-day time frame. 


UPE also made requests to clarify language in the new policy, which the Department stated they were not willing to change. 


Thank you to the advocates for their participation, 

Sarah Singleton and Cornelia Dosty



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