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DCFAS/CPS: Changes to CPSU Operations at WETYC

On June 6, 2023, UPE commenced the Meet and Confer regarding the closure of the WETYC with CPS management.

During this initial meeting, UPE inquired about where the DCFAS is planning on relocating and housing the youth, what will the level of security and staffing be, and what will be the role of the S.W. (Social Worker), C.D.S. (Child Development Specialist), and FSW (Family Service Worker)?

The department stated that they have, in fact, looked into three (3) homes in two (2) locations, Fair Oaks and rural South Sacramento. Each home will have three to four (3-4) bedrooms and can house up to six (6) youth. They will utilize Lyon Security at the houses coupled with six (6) Sheriffs Security Officers contracted from the Sheriff’s Office who will be patrolling the houses 24 hours in marked Sheriff patrol cars. Additionally, staff will have the ability to contact these Sheriff Officers directly. CPS staff can continue the practice of taking inventory of the youth’s belongings each time the youth leave the home.

The department will be looking for SWs to volunteer to become Youth Engagement Specialists Social Workers to work in one of the three (3) locations. The DCFAS wanted UPE to agree to waive the prescribed timelines in our current contract so that the employees can transfer to these new locations. UPE proposed that the employees who transfer have return rights under the contract, they can utilize seniority as one of the determining factors, and that the department allows them to transfer no later than 15-30 days after acceptance.

Due to time constraints, the level of staffing, duties, and responsibilities will be addressed at the next meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

Thank you to the UPE 008 Governing Board members who advocated at this meet and confer:

Priscilla Cochran-Navarra, Deanna Green, and Sarah Singleton


FLYER - Changes to CPSU Operations at WETYC 6.6.2023
Download PDF • 115KB


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