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DCFAS/CPS: Changes to CPSU Operations at WETYC

On June 13, 2023, UPE continued the Meet and Confer regarding the closure of the WETYC with CPS management.

UPE raised concerns around training, safety, overtime, transportation of youth, seniority, and return rights. The County has agreed to a hold harmless clause for any UPE members stationed at any of the three (3) houses that have not received the proper training required while working in this unit.

All overtime will be offered to UPE members on a weekly basis, and overtime will also be offered to our members prior to any other bargaining unit. This would include the classifications of Social Worker, including Special Skills and Master’s Degree, Child Development Specialist (CDS), and Family Service Worker (FSW). FSWs will have the first opportunity for overtime should a CDS not be available. If there are no UPE members available to work overtime, it may be worked by another County employee in CPS only if said employee meets the minimum qualifications as set forth by the Sacramento County Civil Service and Sacramento County and will only be for the first forty-five (45) days of the agreement between UPE and Sacramento County.

There will be twenty-four (24) hour security at each house, as well as twenty-four (24) hour access to dedicated Sheriff’s Security Officers. Every time a youth returns to any of the three houses, staff may inventory their belongings. A county car will also be stationed at each home for transportation purposes. The County will provide designated workspaces for employees inside each house.

All members who volunteer either on a temporary or permanent reassignment will be assigned based on seniority. Employees approved for a ninety (90) day temporary reassignment will return to their original position and program. We will meet with the County every thirty (30) days during these temporary reassignments.

Thank you to the UPE members and 008 Governing Board Directors for your advocacy

Priscilla Cochran-Navarra, Sarah Craven, Deanna Green, Jeannine Lopez and Sarah Singleton


FLYER - Changes to CPSU Operations at WETYC 6.13.2023
Download PDF • 115KB


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