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DCFAS/CPS: C!A Project / Closure and Consultation Unit

On June 5, 2024, UPE met with the County to provide updates to the C!A project/Closure and Consultation Unit (CCU). The department has a target implementation date of August 5, 2024. There will be a soft launch in July, with training for Social Workers to begin in the last week of July at various times and places. The first thing that will be done is the cleanup of back-logged referrals; this will be done by region, and the department anticipates it should take one to two weeks.

When out in the field, Social Workers will not need to call CCU for closure immediately following the investigation of the referral; however, the Social Worker should call within five (5) working days in order to comply with Chronos. Short daily huddles will occur; these do not take the place of your regular supervision or the staffings of other referrals. If you do not have a referral that meets the criteria for attending the huddle [seven (7) days, fifteen (15) days, and twenty (20) days], per management, you do not have to stay.

All CCU calls will be recorded and monitored for quality assurance and training purposes, and all supervisors will receive the same training and documentation template. This will assist in ensuring consistency and accountability throughout each unit. UPE is expecting to receive copies of all training materials for both supervisors and Social Workers.

Stay Tuned!

UPE is thankful to Sarah Singleton for her participation and advocacy at this meeting.



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