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DCFAS / CPS: Welcoming Houses Thirty (30) Day Check-In

On July 19, 2023, UPE continued the Meet and Confer with CPS management regarding the above.

Per our previous Meet and Confer, UPE and management agreed to check in thirty (30) days following the opening of the Welcoming Houses. Before the meeting, we reported issues such as no working deck lights and no foyer desk at Penn. At all houses, we asked for an ETA on the cameras, office supplies, access for the CDSs to laptops for timesheets, phone number lists for all homes, and mileage for CDSs that must travel (in their vehicle) during their shift. UPE also noticed a loose step leading to the hallway at the Chicago.

The department informed us that there was a temporary solution for the lighting while waiting on an electrician, and a desk was delivered to the foyer. The CDSs should be able to log into the laptops at all houses. There should also now be printers at all three (3) homes. Cameras should be installed by the end of July 2023. If a CDS must travel in their vehicle during their shift, mileage will be paid. The loose step at Chicago has been repaired. Per an email from Cathi Johnson, she has the phone number contact sheet ready to go and hopefully will have it ready to post at each house by Friday, July 21.

Thank you to the participants for your advocacy.

Eric Booker, Deanna Green, and Sarah Singleton


FLYER - Welcome House 30 Day Check In 07.2023
Download PDF • 113KB


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