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DCFAS / CPS: Family Time Coaching

On January 30, 2024, UPE met with the County to discuss the new duties they propose to place upon the Family Service Worker (FSW) classification.

UPE asked the County where FTC comes from, how they decided to adopt this model, and how they envision it working. The County responded that this model was studied at UC Davis within San Diego County, and on top of the current visits, transports, and school runs, the FSW will also be tasked with meeting with the parent/s prior to the visit to prepare, coaching the parent/s during the visit and discussing with the parent/s, after the visit, what went well and what did not. 

We reminded the department that when FTC was mentioned at the Hop Skip Drive (HSD) meet and confer, it was said that HSD could help with the school runs and transports, which would leave the FSW more time to perform FTC. None of the representatives at the meeting had any knowledge of that but said it could be a possibility based on the age of the youth. The County stated that FTC could be used to assist in reunifying the family faster and thus lessen the number of visits for the FSWs.

As usual, when UPE asked if more money was being brought to the table, especially since one of the new duties is to assess the parent/s responsiveness, the County was silent. UPE requested to see the UC Davis study and a copy of the training materials prior to the start of training, which the department stated is scheduled to start in June 2024. We are scheduled to meet again in March.


Thank you to the advocates for their participation,

Eric Booker and Sarah Singleton



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