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CPSU Meds Update

On September 8, 2022, UPE met with the Department to continue discussions regarding UPE’s proposal for a specialized worker to help in part with the facilitation of the self-administering of meds at CPSU. After several meetings and proposals, UPE and the Department could not reach an agreement.

The Department initially agreed to conduct a time study in order to justify the need for a specialized worker but quickly changed course. The Department claimed the data they’ve collected did not support the need for a time study and would not be moving forward. UPE shared our disappointment in the Department’s position and let them know they’ve missed a real opportunity to improve the workload at CPSU. Despite our efforts, the Department is unwilling to recognize this task’s true impact on the workers.

Thank you to our members Sarah Singleton, Jeannine Lopez, and Sarah Craven for their continued advocacy on this matter.


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