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CPSU Medication Distribution

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

UPE and DCFAS continue to meet over the Departments' intent to return medication disbursement duties to the CPSU Social Workers and Supervisors. Once again, UPE reiterated our position that this duty is best suited for a medical professional. The Department disagreed. Despite our objections, the Department is unwilling to move on their position and believes that assigning this duty to a medical professional is not necessary. Rather, medication distribution should remain with the Social Workers and their Supervisors.

Therefore, in order to mitigate, UPE made another wage proposal of a 7.5% differential for Social Workers assigned at CPSU and countered their hold harmless language with language that protects our members from disciplinary action for twelve months due to potential errors and omissions that may occur in the course of facilitating this duty. The Department rejected our wage proposal and countered our hold harmless language.

UPE will review the Departments' counter proposal and respond accordingly at our next meeting later this month.

Thank you to our members Eric Booker, Sarah Singleton, Jeannine Lopez, and Sarah Craven for their advocacy.


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